Our Company

We live by one credo: Health Spoken Here

We are all about health…our client’s audiences and their products. From patient to provider communications, from access issues to digital media, ghg is an agile, forward-thinking partner, bringing deeper strategic insights and more engaging creative ideas to influence every target audience, through every available media channel.

We get brands deeply engaged in all the conversations that matter. We employ the most effective marketing communications and the most impactful ideas so that a brand connects in meaningful ways with the target audience it needs to grow sales and improve lives. Health is one of the most talked-about topics in the world. We make sure your brand is a hot topic.

We believe in the power of integrated communications. Our core expertise is in the development of communications campaigns that are designed and orchestrated to win the hearts and minds of healthcare professionals, patients and consumers, payers, and other stakeholders.

We value collaboration. We strive to become a seamless part of your brand team. We are experts at integration within our network, as well as with external partners.

We don’t believe in big ideas…we believe in smart ideas. We are dedicated to the discovery of ideas for brands that have the power to break habits, change behaviors, and improve lives. This doesn’t mean ideas that stand out. It means ideas that break through and connect with people in real, human ways.

We speak the language of every health-related influencer from the in-depth science of the KOL to the plainspoken opinion of the blogger. We are proven experts in the anticipation and application of innovative technologies.

We are the creators of Contagious Thinking. We distinguish ourselves with a creative and strategic branding process that is deeply rooted in human truths that deliver truly engaging work. Contagious Thinking is the creation of brand ideas that take on a life of their own—ideas that speak for themselves clearly and spark stories worthy of telling and being retold.